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A distressed company can feel like a ship lost at sea. It knows there’s land out there somewhere but just needs a bit of wind to blow in the right direction. With our newest guide, The Accounting & Finance Roadmap for Distressed Companies, that’s exactly what we’re providing – a sense of direction for businesses that need to know how to proceed as they move forward.

Download: Roadmap For Distressed Companies


A Comprehensive Look at a Complex Topic

As you’ll see, we cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the relevant accounting standards to the impact of talent loss. Along the way, we provide critical insights on how to account for each of them in your financial reporting and operations, examining areas like:

  • Common distress triggers for companies
  • Implications of management’s responses to liquidity issues
  • Disposing of non-core assets
  • Debt covenant compliance
  • Accounting for management changes & restructuring
  • Outsourcing & staff augmentation issues


Plain Language Insights

When covering topics like impairment and going concern analysis, accounting for derivatives, and carve-out financial statements, you might expect dense or complicated language. But Embark’s insights are always a bit different than what you find elsewhere, where our priority is helping you understand the underlying topics rather than bowling you over with accounting-ese.


Best Practices Rooted in Hands-On Experience

With The Accounting & Finance Roadmap For Distressed Companies, we provide critical best practices along with our discussion of the different accounting requirements. For example, high-level guidance on non-core asset dispositions is essential for distressed companies. However, expanding our focus to include key elements like a Quality of Earnings (QoE) report and data room preparation allows CFOs to take action on our insights immediately. Because, to paraphrase an old saying, there’s no time like the present to begin moving forward.

CFOs and their teams already have enough on their plates when a company hits a rough spot in the road. But by downloading our new guide, The Accounting & Finance Roadmap For Distressed Companies, you’ll understand what lies ahead for you and your people, and, most importantly, establish the footing you need for a successful future. It’s what we do here at Embark, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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