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If time is money, then your financial close process could be costing you. A lot. And not just in terms of money – although that’s obviously critical – but insight and forward-looking business intelligence as well. The bottom line – your business can’t afford to have a slow, drawn-out, inefficient close anymore.

That’s exactly why we’ve created our latest guide, The Five-Step Fast Close Methodology. In it, we provide you with an essential, proven blueprint for a faster, more accurate month-end close, covering topics like:

  • Is this fast close methodology for you?
  • Why a fast close is so essential for your business
  • The five critical steps to an optimized close
  • Potential hurdles to implementing a fast close
  • Fast close implementation best practices
  • The role of outside specialists in a fast close implementation

Want a competitive advantage that’s tough to beat? To supply decision-makers with the prescient, timely data they need to navigate the rockiest of terrain? Or give your stakeholders the information they both expect and demand? Then download our guide because it’s the key to the record-to-report castle.

The Five-Step Fast Close Methodology

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build Your Fast Close

We know what you’re thinking – the internet is busting at the seams with generic, high-level information on improving the close that’s good for a sense of direction but nothing more. Thankfully, that’s not the tactic we take with our guide.

As you’ll see, our step-by-step instructions are a boots-on-the-ground manual for building a fast close from scratch, all told by veterans of the financial close frontlines. Put another way, this is tangible, practical advice you can implement today to begin streamlining your close like never before.

For example, can you identify the ideal critical path to get you from point A, your current state,  to point B, that efficient, accurate, blazing-fast month-end close of your dreams? What about materiality thresholds? And technology? What role do they play in streamlining your close?

These areas, along with countless others, are the types of insights you’ll get from Embark’s Five-Step Fast Close Methodology. So, on that note, assuming a financial close as fast as six days will put a bounce in your step – and, yes, that’s possible with these insights leading the way – we urge you to download our guide. You’ll be thanking us later.


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