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As testament to the power of intelligent disruption in financial advisory consulting, Embark is thrilled to announce the opening of our new Denver office – the first step in an ambitious expansion across the lower 48. Along with an executive leadership team to be officed within Wework's Union Station in Denver's LoDo neighborhood, Embark will be well-positioned to provide our expert guidance and unique disposition to companies throughout the Great American Southwest.

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Building on an already expanding client base in the Denver area, this new office will provide our team the ability to place a greater focus on Denver and what we have coined the Rockies Region – Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Using Denver as a second operational hub, we will be able to dispense our financial consulting wizardry in a much quicker, more efficient manner for clients throughout the region.

Given the many connections Embark’s Directors have with leadership in numerous oil and gas firms throughout the Denver area, our vast experience in the highly specialized industry segment is sure to be of great value to the marketplace. Current clients, and partners like OGsys, will both significantly benefit from the opportunity to work with each of our Denver and Texas teams.

Likewise, the booming tech industry in Denver – another area of absolute expertise for Embark – is as fertile as the sky is blue for Embark to form extremely beneficial and productive relationships. With middle-market tech companies – typically between 50 million and 10 billion in revenue – blooming around Denver and Boulder like water lilies in a Monet, Embark's tech sweet spot is well-stocked and ready for our expert guidance.

While Denver may be a new office for Embark, it will operate as integral headquarters for our principal operations, no less legitimate or essential as our Dallas office. Furthermore, our expansion efforts will never negatively impact the culture, vibe and, to borrow a phrase from the fancy folk – je ne sais quoi – that makes Embark such an exceptional firm and place to work.

Of course, if you don’t want to take our word for it, being recognized as one of Inc’s Best Workplaces for 2018 should be all of the evidence you need. And quite honestly, no matter how it might sound to an outsider, we will always put our people first, trust their skills and knowledge, and rely on their quality, character, and integrity to strengthen relationships with our clients.

Just like our Texas office, this unrelenting commitment to our team will undoubtedly disrupt the Denver market by attracting superior talent to our front door and, thus, better clients. Embark never hires temps. Our hiring process is intensive, comprehensive, exhaustive and separates the wheat from the chaff, the creamy center from the lackluster cookies – yeah, we said it. There's a reason why our team of accounting rockstars dominates client work wherever they go, Denver being no exception.

To help guide this necessary Embarkness – for lack of a better term – Sarah Jolly is moving from the Dallas office to lead the charge in our Rocky Mountain domination, being named Regional President for Denver. Of course, even with Sarah's extraordinary leadership skills, a one-person accounting posse is still a tad unimpressive, so some A-listers from the accounting industry have joined Sarah as executive leadership to kick off our Denver operations.

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Embark is putting its money where its mouth is by putting together a phenomenal team of industry experts to spearhead our new Denver office. It won't be long until the entire region realizes what our unique brand of disruption brings to financial advisory consulting and, rest assured, there's plenty more to come.


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