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Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline

Going public is a singularly momentous event for any organization, no matter the business or industry. A company’s life is forever altered as it evolves from its private roots and steps into the potentially lucrative but often overwhelming world of public firms. Therefore, it goes without saying that proper preparation and consideration for an IPO is absolutely critical in beginning that public corporate life on the best foot possible.

 In other words, before you ring any bells and pop the champagne, a significant amount of diligence, effort, and organization is required to make your IPO successful and memorable for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones. To best prepare you for your IPO adventure, we’ve prepared the Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline guide to give you a concise, informative, and endlessly useful roadmap to steer you through complicated waters and lead you to your IPO dreams.
Download the Pre-IPO Timeline!

Timing Is Everything

If you’re already thinking about dipping your corporate toe into those IPO waters, you’re likely already familiar with the general process and vernacular. Aside from bells, road shows, red herrings, and green shoes, the glossary behind going public is secondary to the timing of each pivotal step.

To that point, think of the pre-IPO process as like building a house. The roof can’t be installed without the trusses in place. Trusses require load-bearing walls that sit atop the home’s foundation. Of course, the ground must be properly prepared before the foundation can even be poured. In other words, when building a house, a successful end product is determined by a series of steps that are dependent on each other and must be completed according to a specific order and timeline.

Likewise, the pre-IPO process is comprised of a series of important tasks that must be accomplished in a specific sequence and at specific times. Going public involves much more than filing S-1s, establishing corporate governance, and listing on an exchange. A successful IPO requires deliberate planning and concise effort that occurs at specific intervals over the course of a roughly 6 month timeline.

But Where Can I Find a Pre-IPO Timeline That Doesn’t Read Like a Dissertation?

Good question and we’re glad you asked. The downloadable guide, Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline, gets to the point, will keep you on track, and efficiently lead you to those ringing bells and champagne bottles. An IPO doesn’t have to be an extraordinarily stressful process. Follow the guide, be meticulous, and enjoy the benefits that going public can provide your company.