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Sometimes it’s just not the right time to go public. But that doesn’t mean business leaders should just sit on their hands and wait for the right time before beginning the lengthy IPO preparation process.

That’s the focus of our latest guide, The Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide – how to take advantage of time – a commodity you won’t always have – to get your IPO ducks in a row. And as you’ll see after downloading our guide, we take a deep but practical, real-world dive into the many facets of going public, including:

  • Waiting for the right IPO moment
  • Preparing to go public
  • Technology considerations
  • SOX compliance
  • ESG reporting considerations

Put another way, our Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide is filled with hands-on insights and best practices CFOs can use immediately to prepare their enterprise, people, and stakeholders to ring that bell.

The Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide

IPO Considerations: An Evergreen List of To-Dos

In conjunction with our Ultimate Pre-IPO Handbook For Accounting & Finance, we’ve gathered insights from our capital markets gurus to help businesses prepare for a successful IPO, with a focus on early prep needs. 

From SOX to ESG, technology to reporting, we’ve pulled the insights in our Guide straight from the IPO frontlines. So, while your actual IPO might be a bit further down the road thanks to any number of factors – which we also discuss in our Guide – there’s no reason in the world why you should start the readiness process today.

Do your internal controls run like a finely-tuned machine? Have you built a consistent track record of growth that investors will want to see once you go public? Is your data environment as neat and tidy as it could be? These are the types of areas – amongst countless more – that we cover in The Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide. And, believe it or not, time isn’t on your side, even with your IPO still being a good ways away.

The point is, there’s much to do, and the clock is already running. So, download our Early Prep IPO Readiness Guide and let our real-world insights lead the way. You’ll be glad you did.

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