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To state the obvious, going public is a massive undertaking for any organization, no matter the business, industry, or market conditions. Therefore, it goes without saying that proper preparation and consideration for an initial public offering (IPO) is absolutely critical in beginning public company life on the best foot possible.

Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline

In other words, before you ring any bells and pop the champagne, a successful and memorable IPO hinges on a significant amount of time, diligence, and effort from your organization, much of which falls on a CFO’s shoulders. So to help get you ready for your IPO adventure, we’ve prepared our Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline, a concise, informative, and endlessly useful roadmap to steer you through complicated IPO waters, covering topics like:

  • Building your management team
  • Regulatory and filing considerations
  • SEC review and reporting requirements
  • The roadshow and institutional investors
  • Hitting the public markets and your post-IPO life
  • And much more!

Timing Is Everything

If you’re already thinking about dipping your corporate toe into the IPO waters, you’re probably already familiar with the general process and vernacular. But aside from underwriting agreements, audit committees, red herrings, and green shoes, the actual glossary behind going public is usually secondary to the timing of each pivotal step.

To that point, the pre-IPO process is a bit like building a house. You can’t install the roof before the trusses are in place. And trusses require load-bearing walls that sit atop the home’s foundation, which needs solid, level ground to rest on. Likewise, the pre-IPO process consists of a series of important tasks that you must accomplish in a specific sequence and at specific times.

Therefore, going public is so much more than filing your registration statement and calling it a day. You must also deal with investment banks, corporate governance, and far more nuanced financial statements than you’re used to as a private company. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In short, a successful IPO requires deliberate planning and concise effort that occurs at particular intervals over the course of a roughly 6 month timeline.

Embark’s Pre-IPO Timeline

Thankfully, our downloadable guide, Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline, gets to the point, and will keep you on track throughout those six months, efficiently leading you to those ringing bells and champagne bottles. Remember, an IPO doesn’t have to be an extraordinarily stressful process. Follow the guide, be meticulous, and enjoy the many benefits of joining the listed company brigade. You’ve earned it.

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