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Kate Hall, Embark’s New VP of Business Development in Dallas, Connects the Dots for DFW Companies

by Wally Alarcon, SHRM-CP, CIA, CISA - October 2019 4 min read

Things change so quickly these days. Remember fidget spinners? Or when everything came in a pumpkin spice scent? Well, that second one has yet to disappear, but you get the idea. Time moves fast, and companies need to adapt quickly or risk becoming a corporate fidget spinner – a distant, perhaps warm memory of something that’s no longer relevant. That’s what makes Embark such a powerful ally and, thankfully for us, why Kate Hall is such a welcome addition as our VP of Business Development in Dallas.


A Perspective That DFW Is Going to Love

Here’s the thing about Kate – she gets it. Granted, that’s probably the understatement of the century, a bit like saying puppies make for pleasant company, but we can’t think of a better way of encapsulating Kate’s perspective and spirit. She understands people and businesses, pure and simple.

From Kate’s view, one that we not coincidentally share, companies need someone reliable in their corner. Because, well, things happen, right? Variables can and do pop up out of nowhere, and it’s up to a company’s leadership to recognize them. Accounting standards change, technology redefines the status quo, transactions suddenly put organizations in uncharted territory. A business needs expertise and experience in their Rolodex, a partner they can count on when any of those variables – and countless more – arise.

And that’s exactly where Kate enters the picture. Sure, a big part of business development is shaking hands and networking over a cup of coffee, all of which Kate flourishes in. But at its core, business development is really about problem-solving more than anything else, recognizing a company’s needs, and aligning them with effective solutions.

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As VP of Business Development, Kate’s that critical conduit between companies and Embark. She makes sure that every single CFO and Controller in the Metroplex knows they have an ace in the hole – Embark – that is ready to provide them with the solutions they need to prosper and grow. Given Kate’s unique background, perspective, and extraordinary people skills, we have a feeling that CFOs across DFW are about to find their new best friend.


Speaking of Background...

Kate’s background might be a bit different than someone you might expect in business development, but that’s part of what makes her such a singularly good fit for this role. With a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from the University of North Texas – the Mean Green! – she began her career in a Big 4 Advisory group. In other words, Kate understands what we provide to our clients here at Embark, because she’s been in a comfortable set of advisory loafers herself.

But Kate always wanted something more, an opportunity to couple her education, work experience, and people skills to help others excel. Given what we’ve already told you about this dynamo, it probably won’t surprise you to read that Kate’s next role as an executive recruiter in the finance space was nothing short of an overwhelming success. But time went by and, after a few years, Kate started to notice something about the marketplace – candidates kept talking about a firm called Embark.

We think you know how this story ends. After some time, Kate decided to take a closer look at Embark, and fell in love with our business model and absolute commitment to our people and culture. And then, following a mixture of gut instinct, moxy, due diligence, and countless Embark stories floating around the Metroplex, Kate took the leap and officially became an Embarker. And awesomeness ensued.

Join the embark team!

When this new mother of an amazing little girl isn’t helping drive our business forward at even greater speeds, you’ll probably find her working on a never-ending home renovation with her husband. So if you want to find out more about Embark, what we do, or need tips on picking your kitchen backsplash, you know where to turn. Kate has the answers, and we can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish for Embark and companies across DFW.


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