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Meet Jeremiah Marshall, Embark's New SVP of Business Development in Dallas & Born Embarker

by Wally Alarcon - October 2019 4 min read

Embark's substantial mojo doesn't just fall out of the sky. It's the product of meticulous planning and strategy, something we take great effort to perpetuate with every decision we make and hand we shake. And it's those handshakes and conversations we have with our brethren in the business community that propel us forward. For organizations in the Dallas Metroplex, that means you'll soon grow well-acquainted with Jeremiah Marshall, our new SVP of Business Development. Trust us when we say that you'll love him just as much as we do.


A Different Background in the Best of Ways

What makes Jeremiah such a valuable addition to our team, aside from just being a fantastic person, is his slightly different background from what you'd expect in an SVP of Business Development. No, he didn't spend the last decade traversing the Himalayas or in the International Space Station – although either of those would've been pretty awesome, too. Instead, Jeremiah was a VP with one of the largest financial recruiting firms in the world, routinely performing in the top 1% of the company. While his recruiting days are now officially behind him, the communication and networking skills that helped him reach such heights are still very much in place.

Of course, given what we do here at Embark, Jeremiah also boasts a heckuva background in the accounting space as well. A CPA with a bachelor's in accounting from Baylor University – Baylor Bears Fight! – along with Big 4 audit experience, Jeremiah seamlessly couples his accounting prowess with the people skills that have made him so successful throughout his career.

A Texan from his first breath, Jeremiah was raised in Dallas, married his college sweetheart, and, over a decade and four kids later, they still put a bounce in each other's step. He likes to fly fish and hang out with friends and family, is one of six kids, and doesn't consider it a good day until he gets to meet someone new and help them reach their goals.


So what exactly does all of that mean for Embark and our friends in the DFW marketplace? Well, it means that Jeremiah not only understands the complexities of a company's finance and accounting functions but, just as importantly, can communicate what makes Embark uniquely qualified to help any company reach its potential. He knows the Metroplex through and through, is raising his family in the Big D, and wants nothing more than to help make the already thriving Dallas economy even bigger and better.


A Perfect Fit

What we're trying to say is that Jeremiah is a perfect fit for our firm, a born Embarker. And if you were to ask him why he made such a move, especially in light of the phenomenal success he'd already seen in his career, his answer would be pretty simple – he believes in what we do here at Embark.

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Sure, the enormous value we bring to every engagement is essential, but that's a given for a successful consulting firm. What truly sets us apart and drew Jeremiah to Embark's side of the financial fence is the absolute importance we place on our people and culture. Rather than merely saying we put employees at the center of every decision, we actually follow through on our claims. From our recognition programs and employee engagement initiatives to the benefits and technology we provide, our modus operandi is pretty clear – happy employees lead to happy clients.

Join the embark team!

That's the type of environment Jeremiah wanted for his career, and that's exactly what Embark is – a disruptive, people-focused juggernaut that’s redefining the consulting industry, one engagement at a time. So prepare yourselves, Dallas businesses, because Jeremiah Marshall is bringing the heat. As we said, you're going to absolutely love him as he explains what our team of financial consulting ninjas can do for your organization. Exciting times are ahead in the Metroplex.


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