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From its 18 offices across the U.S., business consulting firm Embark aims to shake up a "tired" $300 billion industry by replacing the reigning "rise-and-grind culture" with a focus on happiness. With an ad in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal and mini-coffins on the way to CFOs nationwide, the firm is looking to kill it—in more ways than one.

Dallas-based Embark is killing it—literally. By which we mean figuratively.

The business consulting firm says it aims to shake up a “tired” $300 billion industry by looking at companies in “a radically different way than the rise-and-grind culture that has long been consulting’s hallmark.”

Instead of telling companies to grind their teams even harder, Embark says it’s set a new standard for industry growth by focusing on “happiness” from its 17 offices across the U.S., which bring “deep expertise” in accounting & finance, technology, M&A, IPOs, HR, and operations to clients across the country.

But first, it’s putting the old consulting model to bed—permanently—by launching a rebrand and marketing campaign called “Consulting Is Dead.” 

Embark took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday, seeking to “grab the attention of clients and consultants alike” by proclaiming the death of the traditional consulting model.

To read the full article from Dallas Innovates, click here.


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