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The potential bounty waiting for capture across the publicly traded seas is a tempting proposition for an Emerging Growth Company (EGC). However, before diving head first into those alluring waters, Embark has some sage advice -- slow your roll, Captain.


For every EGC that finds its tropical oasis brimming with IPO treasure, others meet the market equivalent of scurvy-ridden pirates, a ravenous kraken, or soulless sirens drawing an EGC into jagged IPO rocks. We don’t say this to dissuade your publicly traded dreams or needlessly indulge in excessive swashbuckling metaphors. Instead, we come with a treasure map of sorts to help guide you across complex pre-IPO waters and find your publicly traded spoils.

X Marks the IPO Spot

In our delightfully concise but abundantly informative infographic, Pre-IPO Checklist for (an) Emerging Growth Company, Embark provides EGCs a much-needed timeline that, if followed in a methodical, organized, and deliberate manner, will vastly improve your pre-IPO experience and chances for enduring success.

Download the Pre-IPO Timeline!

After detailing the necessary characteristics of EGC status, we lead you across a time-sensitive punchlist to navigate the numerous SEC filings, reporting considerations, internal controls, systems, and the veritable cornucopia of processes and procedures required of your pre-IPO voyage. In other words, we’ll tell you when to take ten paces to the north, what guideposts to follow, and help you start digging where X marks the IPO spot.

Convenience Courtesy of Embark

Of course, you’re more than welcome to consult a hefty tome written by stern accountants in an imposing downtown highrise but, truth be told, Embark would rather relay the same information in a way that won’t lull you into an afternoon nap. Brevity matters when you have preparations to make for your IPO journey.

So get to it, our EGC scalawags. Take a gander at our pirate-free, Pre-IPO Checklist for EGCs infographic, be diligent in your approach, and we’ll see you on the publicly traded seas. We promise no more swashbuckling from us for at least a few months.


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