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Do you remember being afraid of things that went bump in the night as a kid? Maybe of that creaking noise that echoed in the hallway at 2 am or of tree limbs brushing against your bedroom window on windy nights?

Well, as it turns out, there wasn’t much to be afraid of. Wind gusts come and go, and that creaking noise was just a loose floorboard your dad couldn’t manage to fix worth a darn, no matter how hard he tried. Our point – and we promise we have one – is that things that might be a bit scary at first glance are usually not too big of a deal upon further inspection.

Your friends here at Embark ask you to look at acquisitions in the same light. While foreboding at first glance, we promise you they’re more bark than bite and, because we’re pretty awesome, we’ve prepared a quick guideline that will walk you through the Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition.

Download: Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition

Know the Language, Play the Part

If a VIE sounds more like a 70’s synth pop band rather than a sophisticated financial instrument that can play a pivotal role in the acquisitions process, we urge you to read our guide. Likewise, when terminology like noncontrolling interest, equity method investments, and a handful of other doozies make you wish you paid more attention to your upper division finance courses, Embark has you covered.

In other words, once you’ve read through our Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition, you’ll not only have a far better grasp on the terms and, more importantly, the underlying concepts, the acquisitions process will be clearer and less intimidating. Are we trying to say that a quick glance through our guide will suddenly make you an acquisitions expert? Nope. But we are saying that you’ll understand the key concepts better and want to learn more.

Everything in Context

Of course, since vocabulary doesn’t exist in a vacuum and only truly makes sense when defined in proper context, our guide will walk you through the Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition relative to real world guidance. We’ll discuss how the concepts relate to current FASB guidance and research, GAAP implications, and take a peek down the road to see what might be changing in acquisitions within coming years.

That said, we’re not sure why you’re still reading this summary when you could be diving directly into the good stuff. Happy reading and we hope you enjoy your sudden immersion into acquisitions from your friends here at Embark.

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