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Building Out Your Oil & Gas Accounting Function

Sarah Jolly . May 15, 2018

Your friends here at Embark thought we would begin this latest salvo by stating the obvious – finance and accounting are meticulous endeavors where organization and attention to detail are rewarded. Also, the sky is blue and ocean is vast.

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Choosing an Oil & Gas Industry-Specific Accounting Software

Sarah Jolly . April 03, 2018

Suppose for a moment that you woke up on a bright and sunny summer's day and immediately felt a craving for some scrambled eggs. Given the strength of the oppressive Texan sun, chances are you could walk out to your driveway, crack an egg over...

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Tagged: oil & gas, accounting systems, system implementation, accounting software

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Best Practices for Accounting System Implementations

Clancy Fossum . February 22, 2018

Think of implementing new accounting systems like buying the perfect vehicle for hauling around the familial herd. No matter how diligent you are in choosing a model that gets the best gas mileage and has all the bells and whistles, if you don’t...

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Tagged: accounting systems, system implementation

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