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10 Questions Your Accounting Team Must Answer To Survive Hypergrowth

Clancy Fossum . September 17, 2019

We're not going to lie and say periods of hypergrowth aren't thrilling, because they are. That type of rapid expansion is what your founders dreamed of when they launched your company. But, as we've discussed before, that doesn't mean hypergrowth...

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Tagged: accounting tips, hypergrowth

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7 Essential Questions To Ask During Rapid Business Growth

Clancy Fossum . July 02, 2019

Think of hypergrowth as those spaceships traveling at warp speed in your favorite sci-fi blockbuster. Everything is bright and exhilarating, but also dangerous if anything goes afoul as you push the laws of corporate physics around you. If you’re...

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Tagged: hypergrowth, executive leadership

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3 Strategies To Help You Through High-Growth

Clancy Fossum . March 19, 2019

While no two companies are ever alike, there are common threads in strategies for high growth enterprises that are consistent across many different industries and environments. Embark learned this lesson while experiencing our own recent growth...

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Tagged: hypergrowth

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