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Embark’s Insight on ASC 842 and Operating vs. Capital Leases

Randall Wright . January 15, 2019

Can you remember a time when a topic as specific as capital leases versus operating leases garnered so much attention? Probably not. In fact, it’s been a fair amount of time since the accounting spotlight shined so brightly on leases, despite...

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A Lessor’s Quick Guide to the New Lease Standard ASC 842

Clancy Fossum . August 02, 2018

With the possible exception of troglodytes and nomadic tribes roaming the frozen tundra of Tunguska, most people – or at least those of the accounting ilk – are somewhat familiar with the significant changes to leasing standards being brought...

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Tagged: Leases, ASC 842

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A Lessee’s Quick Guide to the New Lease Standard ASC 842

Clancy Fossum . March 29, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, ASC 842 is not the coordinates for a top secret military installation in the Sonoran Desert, nor is it a new highway being built on the outskirts of town. While it doesn't get the attention of its more notable brethren...

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New Lease Standard: Differences Between IFRS 16 and ASC 842

Blake Brunson . February 02, 2018

Growing pains aren't always painful but inevitably bring complications. After a sudden growth spurt in grade school, those nice corduroy pants that fit so perfectly just a month before can suddenly make it seem like you're looking for starfish in...

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