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The 1st Annual Embark Matches Was a Birdie For the Oil and Gas Industry at Bandon Dunes

Clancy Fossum . October 01, 2019

Was it Mark Twain that said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled?" Well, with all due respect to Mr. Twain, the 1st Annual Embark Matches at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort was anything but a ruined stroll along the beautiful Oregon coast. From September...

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Tagged: oil & gas

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PE-backed O&G Companies: Think Twice Before Hiring a Fleet of Accountants

Sarah Jolly . July 31, 2018

As fervently pro-accountant as Embark tends to be, we have a somewhat surprising statement for new management teams in E&P and midstream O&G portfolio companies, so we hope you're sitting down. Here we go.

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Tagged: oil & gas, private equity

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Building Out Your Oil & Gas Accounting Function

Sarah Jolly . May 15, 2018

Your friends here at Embark thought we would begin this latest salvo by stating the obvious – finance and accounting are meticulous endeavors where organization and attention to detail are rewarded. Also, the sky is blue and ocean is vast.

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Tagged: oil & gas, accounting systems, accounting software

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Choosing an Oil & Gas Industry-Specific Accounting Software

Sarah Jolly . April 03, 2018

Suppose for a moment that you woke up on a bright and sunny summer's day and immediately felt a craving for some scrambled eggs. Given the strength of the oppressive Texan sun, chances are you could walk out to your driveway, crack an egg over...

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Tagged: oil & gas, accounting systems, system implementation, accounting software

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Navigating Oil and Gas Acquisitions (Operated & Non-Operated)

Sarah Jolly . March 27, 2018

Sometimes navigating from one point to another is as simple as mindlessly following the docile tones of your GPS app. Other times, both Lewis and Clark – and Vasco da Gama for good measure – wouldn’t be able to lead the way through sufficiently...

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Tagged: oil & gas, acquisition

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New Revenue Recognition Standard Impacts Oil & Gas Industry

Clancy Fossum . October 09, 2017

For our friends and colleagues in the oil and gas industry that think they will be escaping the hungry jaws of ASC 606 relatively unscathed, Embark has some good news and bad news. While it is certainly true that other industries, technology and...

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Tagged: revenue recognition, oil & gas

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