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Providing Financial Reporting For Private Equity/Venture Capital

Clancy Fossum . May 14, 2019

Growth is the lifeblood of any organization. It’s why you exist in the first place, and separates the winners from the losers. It lies at the combustible intersection of capital, innovation, and strategy, where if you lack in one element, the...

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Tagged: private equity, financial reporting, venture capital

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PE-backed O&G Companies: Think Twice Before Hiring a Fleet of Accountants

Sarah Jolly . July 31, 2018

As fervently pro-accountant as Embark tends to be, we have a somewhat surprising statement for new management teams in E&P and midstream O&G portfolio companies, so we hope you're sitting down. Here we go.

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Tagged: oil & gas, private equity

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Accounting To-do List After Getting Private Equity Funding

Sarah Jolly . July 12, 2018

Despite common perception, receiving private equity funding is actually the start of the race and not the end. While there's always room for popping a few corks on some bubbly, you need to quickly come up with a strategy once your champagne haze...

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Tagged: accounting tips, private equity

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