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Today, we’re here to take a genuine bow on behalf of the amazing people that collectively make Embark such a special place. Yes, as you might have gleaned on occasion, your friends here at Embark are constant purveyors of both sage accounting guidance and unbridled sarcasm. We assure you, however, that under these particular circumstances, our words are void of such sarcasm or even the stretched metaphors and corny witticisms that are our customary bread-and-butter. In other words, we feel it only appropriate to take a moment and sincerely thank our team members for what we’ve accomplished thus far and the great things that lie ahead.


Being selected one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2018 is an honor we interpret as proof positive that a workplace built around a committed, driven, and immensely talented team can be both successful and satisfying, despite what traditional industry beliefs might indicate. Since we’re being completely honest for a moment, however, we must admit to one thing – being included on Inc. Magazine’s list, while undeniably flattering and an absolute honor, doesn’t come as a complete shock to us.

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You see, at Embark, we have deliberately built and maintained a workplace that always places our team members first; and that isn’t just lip service. A productive, satisfying environment and culture doesn’t just fall out of the sky fully formed but, instead, requires a deliberate and unflinching approach that often flies in the face of industry norms. Then again, you already knew there’s nothing normal about Embark’s particular brand of healthy financial advisory disruption.

Going forward, we will continue on our specific path as we broaden our reach across multiple regions, spreading our sage advice and expertise like a financial team of Johnny Appleseeds. Granted, we wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see other firms copy our style, and some semblance of our meticulously crafted culture become more pervasive in the industry.

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Until that time comes, however, we’ll enjoy our spot on this cozy and gratifying pedestal, expect to make Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces list every year, and continue to lend the industry a much-needed fresh perspective and absolute expertise by letting our people lead the way. In other words, we’ll continue to be Embark.


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