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The Embark Middle Market Report – Q2 FY20

We have some encouraging news for the vast middle market – things are starting to make a bit of sense again. Granted, quite a bit still seems like a bit of a roller coaster, but not in a shocking, whiplash-inducing manner like Q1. And that’s a good thing. Or at least something solid to build from.

Get the Embark Middle Market Report – Q2 FY20

In our latest edition of the Embark Middle Market Report, we took a deep dive into the different areas the coronavirus pandemic continues to influence the marketplace. However, as you’ll see in the report, certain industries and mid-market companies are finding success as they move forward.

Like our Q1 analysis, we’ve collected key insights from a representative sample of businesses to give CFOs and their teams a clear idea of where the market stands, including financial data on:


It’s All Relative

Perhaps most importantly, though, our report allows CFOs to gauge their company’s performance against similar businesses. As decision-makers continue to strategize for the road ahead, judging performance relative to the overall marketplace as well as the competition is critical in identifying and refining the best path forward.

For instance, as discussed in our report, 24% of companies reported an increase in revenue in Q2, particularly across the IT, financial services, and certain consumer discretionary sectors. How does your performance compare stack-up? If you’re falling behind, is there something you can improve in your strategy or operations?


A Conversation Starter

Ultimately, we created the Embark Middle Market Report for Q2 FY20 as a conversation starter, an exercise in assessing where you are and where you want to be. If there’s a glaring difference between your Q2 performance and the broader market, then the time to make changes is now.

Get the Embark Middle Market Report – Q2 FY20

As companies continue to jockey for market position in the new normal and everything it entails – from workforce & talent management to SOX compliance and countless places in between, decisions you make today will have a significant impact on your ultimate success, a topic we specifically address in our report. Because at Embark, our job is to provide critical insights and expertise through thick and thin. We want to see you thrive, and our report is an important tool in helping you get there.