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Risk & Controls

SOX Compliance in a Post-COVID World

A CFO’s job description can read like a Russian novel these days – long and foreboding, plunging through twists and turns that can catch even the most forward-looking leaders off-guard. Something like SOX compliance, for instance, takes on a drastically different hue when viewed through pandemic colored glasses. And that, needless to say, can pose problems for organizations.

Download: SOX Compliance in a Post-COVID World

But that’s exactly why we created SOX Compliance in a Post-COVID World – to provide you with a sense of direction as you navigate this unfamiliar territory. In conjunction with the dynamos at Workiva, we cover key topics and issues concerning SOX compliance during these challenging times, including:

  • Materiality
  • Risk Assessment
  • Processes & Controls

Expanding on those areas directly impacted by the pandemic, we also discuss what such changes mean for your internal control environment, covering timely subjects like:

  • Management review controls
  • Segregation of duties
  • Delegation of authority
  • Estimate and reserve

And that’s just a broad overview of what we cover. With SOX Compliance in a Post-COVID World, we leveraged our decades of collective experience to give financial leaders a much-needed pathway to follow. From ERM to A/R, remote working to automation, our comprehensive discussion leaves no stone unturned.

Granted, section 404 compliance was never exactly a walk in the park to begin with. However, given the sudden and significant changes thrust upon organizations during this pandemic, there are countless ways for your SOX program to go sideways in a hurry.

Download: SOX Compliance in a Post-COVID World

But that’s where Embark enters the fray – we’re okay with financial leaders reading a Russian novel, not living through one. So take our insights and best practices to heart, apply them where appropriate, and we’ll get through this together. Tolstoy has nothing on you.