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What do you do when you’re driving in an unknown city and your GPS suddenly loses its signal? While the issues facing companies and their FP&A teams right now aren’t quite as stark as that scenario, business leaders can’t help but feel a bit lost these days.

The good news, however, is that it’s not so much a lost signal for your FP&A as it is needing to do things a bit differently now. That’s a subject we discussed in detail in our recent Guide to FP&A in a Post-COVID-19 Environment, and we know CFOs and their teams are going to appreciate our hands-on, boots-on-the-ground approach to FP&A and strategizing in the new normal.

Download: Guide to FP&A in a Post-COVID-19 Environment

As you’ll see, we cover a variety of relevant and timely topics throughout the guide, providing insights and best practices on:

  • Cash flow forecasting in the face of uncertainty
  • Scenario planning through risky terrain
  • Profit planning & analysis for a cloudy future


A Different Perspective

Straightforward but thorough, written in a clear and conversational tone, our guide isn’t like the others you’ll find out there in the digital badlands. Instead, we want you to walk away from our newest guide feeling like we’re talking with you, not at you. And as you might suspect, the difference between the two, although subtle, is significant.

But that’s why we say our guide is a different perspective than others. Have questions about improving your cash conversion cycle with cash-strapped customers? Or maybe how to integrate various COVID-19 recovery timelines into your scenario planning? What about finding the right profitability mix when your operations and revenue still seem like a rorschach test?

That’s what makes this guide unique and so beneficial – it’s filled with real world advice on everyday problems that business leaders and FP&A teams are running into. So, assuming we’ve piqued your interest, download our Guide to FP&A in a Post-COVID-19 Environment and gain a clearer view of the road ahead. Your customers and stakeholders will thank you.

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