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Ain't no party like an automation party. Well, automation and analytics, that is. And that, our dear friend, is precisely what makes Alteryx Inspire a must-attend event for your organization – it’s a veritable cornucopia of insights, best practices, and use cases that will help you streamline workflows, drive efficiency, and unleash the business intelligence beast within.

Now, it doesn't hurt that Alteryx Inspire is in Las Vegas this year, a city that personifies entertainment and excitement – The Hangover and CSI notwithstanding. But Alteryx Inspire 2023 isn't just fun and games, of course. It's also the epicenter of analytics automation for organizations looking for the ultimate competitive edge.

In fact, with over 125 breakout sessions and counting, the sheer volume of in-person insights and training opportunities can be overwhelming. So, while we absolutely suggest you look over the session catalog to see what piques your interest, we thought it best to provide brief snapshots of the ten sessions we're looking forward to most.

The Business Intelligence Revolution: The Road to Data-Driven Decision Making


1. Alteryx Product Roadmap

As transformative as the current lineup of solutions from Alteryx can be for an organization, it pales in comparison to what lies ahead. Yes, that's a bold statement, but so are the tools Alteryx has in store for us.

That's why we're so giddy over this particular session – it's a glimpse into what we have to look forward to from Alteryx, including four upcoming cloud products. From a big-picture perspective, session leaders will also discuss what's in store for analytics in the future. In other words, while the current solutions from Alteryx and other providers are downright revolutionary, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Track: Product Insights

Alteryx Capabilities: Analytic Apps​, Automation , Cloud Deployments​, Data Prep & Analytics, Administration, Governance & Security​, Data Science ML & AI​, Reporting and Publishing​, Analytic Macros​, Spatial Analysis and Location Intelligence​, Data Access & Connectivity​, Data Cleansing & Quality​, Data Profiling​


2. Practical Tips to Advance from User to Super User

Yes, Alteryx provides unique solutions that you’d be hard-pressed to match elsewhere. However, actually using Alteryx is very much like the user experience with other technologies – you can dabble and find some success, or learn key best practices and truly excel. No pun intended.

With this training session, you’ll learn how to take your Alteryx skills up a few dozen notches with some grade-A, prime-cut tips from superusers within the Alteryx community. And as a bonus, this session will also help you decide which Inspire sessions might be best for you and your interests.

Track: Data & Analytic Best Practices

Alteryx Capabilities: Automation , Data Prep & Analytics, Analytic Macros​, Scalable Execution​, Data Cleansing & Quality​, User Productivity & Collaboration​

Industry: Financial Services & Insurance, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Electronics, Energy/Utilities, Entertainment & Media, Healthcare Payer/Provider, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Marketing, Not For Profit, Retail/CPG, Technology, Transportation & Logistics.


3. 30 Tips in 30 Minutes – Volume 4

The lightning round is the best round. Just ask any game show enthusiast. So, keeping a  tradition going from Alteryx Inspire conferences of yore, the 2023 edition is giving the people what they want – 30 Tips in 30 Minutes.

In this session, data experts from Alteryx deliver some rapid-fire, two-seam fastballs of best practices, tips, and insights. It’s fun, educational, and will honestly keep you on the edge of your seat as they try to deliver more than 30 tips in a half hour. Will they do it? Attend to find out.

Track: Product Insights


4. Extracting Data and Insights from PDFs with Alteryx

Are PDFs more of a jail cell for your operational data than a font of business insights? Do your team members run and hide in the third-floor bathroom when they sense a manual PDF data transfer on the horizon?

That's the exact scenario this session will address, explaining how the Alteryx Intelligence Suite can take those mountains of unstructured data and quickly, accurately, and efficiently transform them into analytical gold, allowing your team to collaborate and innovate rather than shovel data to and fro.

Track: Product Insights

Alteryx Capabilities: Automation , Data Prep & Analytics, Data Science ML & AI​, Text Mining​, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Document Processing & Image Analysis

Industry: Financial Services & Insurance, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Electronics, Energy/Utilities, Entertainment & Media, Healthcare Payer/Provider, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Marketing, Public Sector, Retail/CPG, Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Other


5. Alteryx Auto Insights: Data to Insights in Minutes not Days

Insights your decision-makers depend on to steer the ship have a habit of hiding in the shadows of your data environment. To make matters worse, wrangling them out of the dark and into your financial and management reporting can require massive amounts of time, effort, and resources, even with the most advanced data dashboards lending a hand.

Thankfully, as you'll learn in this session, Alteryx Auto Insights and Alteryx Designer can streamline that process, freeing your team to work on more value-creating tasks while also generating the types of nuanced business information your decision-makers crave.

Track: Product Insights


6. Alteryx Obscura

Have you ever tried to push Siri or Alexa outside of their comfort zones? Or maybe spent a couple of hours trying to lure some Star Wars fan fiction out of ChatGPT? Yeah, we haven't either. Seriously.

But just in case we described someone you know, be sure to tell them about this fascinating session, where they'll hear about some pretty hilarious and surprising off-label uses for Alteryx. Besides some guaranteed laughs, attendees are bound to pick up a few tips and best practices on some new, probably unconventional Alteryx use cases. Didn’t think data scientists had a mischievous side, huh?

Track: Data & Analytic Best Practices


7. Upskilling and Experimentation with AI | ML

Speaking of ChatGPT, AI and machine learning seem to be everywhere these days, don’t they? And that’s for good reason since the collective technologies are nothing short of revolutionary for data analytics and operations – assuming you hop on the innovation train rather than letting it pass you at the station.

That’s the meat and potatoes of this session, where the focus isn’t so much on Alteryx specifically but, instead, the many use cases one organization – eBay – has developed to leverage AI and ML across operations. To state the obvious, these tools represent a tectonic shift in analytics and operations, so we suggest attending this session for a first-hand look at what AI and ML can do for your enterprise, both today and tomorrow.

Track: Stories of Innovation

Industry: Retail/CPG, Technology


8. Journey to a SOX Compliant Alteryx Gallery

SOX compliance can be complex. And time-consuming. And confusing, frustrating, and infuriating – and not just for newly public entities. So wouldn't it be nice to walk through a SOX use case from a business that leveraged Alteryx to successfully scale Mount Sarbanes-Oxley? We thought so, too.

This session will provide a front-row seat for T-Mobile USA's SOX journey, discussing their initial problem statement, pain points they ran into, and the Alteryx-driven solutions they developed to lead them to the SOX promised land. Whether you're new to SOX or looking to refine your existing processes, this session is for you.

Track: Stories of Innovation

Alteryx Capabilities: Automation , Administration, Governance & Security​, Reporting and Publishing​

Industry: Communications, Other


9. Using Alteryx to Model Your Supply Chain

Of the many facets of operations that have struggled in recent years, supply chains have faced the brightest, harshest spotlight. Simply put, it’s been tough out there, and will only get tougher as customer expectations continue to rise, vendors fall, and things like Scope 3 ESG requirements bear down on companies and their supply chain partners.

These dynamics make data and analytics even more critical to creating and maintaining a flexible, resilient supply chain that can bend but not break as countless variables attack it from all angles. This session puts these notions under a microscope, discussing how an organization used Alteryx to model and select supply chain network strategies. Want to create a better, stronger supply chain that also reduces costs and improves speed-to-customer? Then run, don’t walk, to this session.

Track: Stories of Innovation

Industry: Retail/CPG, Transportation & Logistics


10. Analytics Data Democratization vs. Governance: Are They at Odds?

Data-driven decision-making. It’s the brass ring. The gold standard. The very essence of business intelligence. But it’s also uncharted territory for many – perhaps most – organizations right now. Specifically, as you create and foster a data culture and use it to inform and propel strategy, how do you ensure you’re staying within the right guide rails? Or create those guide rails in the first place?

This session discusses that potential dilemma, examining the relationship between data democratization and effective governance, and why a push-pull dynamic is both unnecessary and inefficient. Yes, you can have it all, assuming you go about it the right way for your organization, data, people, and stakeholders. And this session will detail how.

Track: Business Transformation

Industry: Financial Services & Insurance, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Electronics, Energy/Utilities, Entertainment & Media, Healthcare Payer/Provider, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Marketing, Not For Profit, Public Sector, Retail/CPG, Technology, Transportation & Logistics

Well, that’s how we’re spending our time at Alteryx Inspire 2023, the ultimate analytics and data science event. Sure, there might be some Vegas-based merriment as well, but our focus will far and away be the phenomenal sessions on a set of tools we put to good use every single day for our clients. Literally. So register today and don’t be a stranger when you’re there. And if you happen to see us at Inspire, we’d love to get to know you a little better. Pick our brain, spin a yarn, or geek out a bit over Alteryx. We’re down for all of the above.

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