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Cash Flow Worksheet Template, Basics, & Best Practices

Blake Brunson . December 17, 2019

We won’t be so bold to say cash flow worksheets are like snowflakes or a ten-minute drum solo, but we probably don’t have to. They’re company-specific, never one-size-fits-all, and always require a skilled hand to bend them to the very particular...

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Tagged: accounting tips, cash flow, accounting templates

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Perfect Your Financial Closing with a Post-Close Review

Blake Brunson . August 13, 2019

Congratulations on making it through yet another financial close. Yeah, it could've gone a little smoother but, what's done is done, right? Before you put the experience behind you, however, let's postpone happy hour or your post-close weekend...

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Tagged: accounting tips, reporting, month-end close

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11 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Financial Audit

Blake Brunson . May 21, 2019

Audits are challenging enough without shooting yourself in the foot and exasperating those challenges. And as good as we are here at Embark with our kernels of wisdom and experience-driven guidance, we can’t prevent shivers from running down your...

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Tagged: auditors, financial audit

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5 Struggles To Overcome Around Year-End Financial Reporting

Blake Brunson . January 08, 2019

As inevitable as leaves amassing on your front lawn and Black Friday mob scenes, the holiday season brings with it a unique brand of trepidation for organizations preparing to close the books on yet another fiscal year. Financial teams get a bit...

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Tagged: financial reporting

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Revenue Recognition Best Practices for SaaS Companies

Blake Brunson . December 11, 2018

Embark isn’t here to convince you how impactful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is to modern commerce because you probably already know. In fact, on the grand scale of business innovations to hit the market in the last decade, it’s pretty darn close...

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Tagged: revenue recognition

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13-Week Cash Flow Forecast Model Template & Best Practices

Blake Brunson . September 19, 2018

Accounting and finance would be so much easier if every company had a DeLorean, flux capacitor, and crazy-haired scientist squirreled away in the basement. At a moment’s notice, your designated Marty McFly could leap into the future, grab...

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Tagged: accounting tips, cash flow

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New Debt Agreements (and a Debt Rollforward Schedule Template)

Blake Brunson . September 13, 2018

Debt is a curious little word. Despite its straightforward meaning, it’s slowly climbed the linguistic ranks to now sit alongside other, more colorful four-letter words sprinkled throughout our robust and vibrant language. However, although debt...

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Tagged: accounting tips, debt agreements

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New Lease Standard: Differences Between IFRS 16 and ASC 842

Blake Brunson . February 02, 2018

Growing pains aren't always painful but inevitably bring complications. After a sudden growth spurt in grade school, those nice corduroy pants that fit so perfectly just a month before can suddenly make it seem like you're looking for starfish in...

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Tagged: Leases, Lease Accounting

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