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The CFO’s Roadmap To Finance Transformation

Erick De La Fuente . December 03, 2019

Every CFO knows the finance function is capable of so much more than its traditional role might indicate. Thanks to the convergence of technology and insight in recent years, a transformed finance function can now take its rightful spot as a hub...

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Tagged: finance transformation, automation

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Finance Transformation 101: A Guide To The Modern Finance Department

Erick De La Fuente . June 26, 2019

Finance isn’t what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. While it’s always been an indispensable component of a financially sound enterprise, leadership now looks to finance for its unique perspective and skill set for strategy and development...

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Tagged: finance, finance transformation

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Internal Audit Best Practices for a Successful RPA Initiative

Erick De La Fuente . June 20, 2019

Embark understands the plight of Internal Audit (IA). Tasked with keeping organizations on the straight and narrow without impeding growth and innovation, IA is an imminently important component of any enterprise, particularly when a company...

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Tagged: internal audit, Robotic Process Automation, finance transformation

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