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The Most Common Lease Accounting Pain Points Under ASC 842

Chad Robottom . January 14, 2020

Much has been said about the new lease accounting standards, including from your friends here at Embark. While some make ASC 842 seem like the accounting equivalent of Godzilla, others say it's more like a cuddly little financial puppy that just...

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Tagged: Lease Accounting, ASC 842

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Sell-Side Due Diligence Report Checklist and Guide for M&A and Other Transactions

Chad Robottom . December 19, 2019

A transaction on the horizon means it’s time to put your best foot forward. You have to dot all your I’s, cross those pesky T’s, and generally put an appealing but accurate sheen on your enterprise. After all, you’re not the only company that’s...

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Tagged: M&A activity, due diligence, transactions

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IPO Readiness: Accounting Challenges You May Face When Going Public

Chad Robottom . June 14, 2019

As you might've heard, there's no money tree sitting in the shared courtyard of your company's office space. Yes, it would be nice if capital were that easy to come by but, unfortunately, such is life. However, thanks to investors, M&A, and...

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Tagged: IPO, Public Transactions

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