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Erick De La Fuente

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The CFO’s Roadmap To Finance Transformation

Erick De La Fuente . December 03, 2019

Every CFO knows the finance function is capable of so much more than its traditional role might indicate. Thanks to the convergence of technology and insight in recent years, a transformed finance function can now take its rightful spot as a hub...

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Tagged: finance transformation, automation

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5 Sessions We’ll Be Attending at the 2019 Workiva Amplify Conference

Erick De La Fuente . August 26, 2019

Time flies, huh? It seems like it was just 12 months ago that we were talking about the upcoming Workiva conference. Okay, so maybe it was 12 months ago, and that's our not-so-clever way of saying the 2019 Workiva Amplify conference is right...

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Tagged: Workiva

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6 Solutions To Improve and Simplify Your Reporting & Data Flow

Erick De La Fuente . July 11, 2019

As efficient and forward-looking as modern industry strives to be in this digital age, there’s a disconnect that causes your friends here at Embark to scratch our collective head. Companies invest enormous amounts of time, effort, and money into...

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Tagged: financial reporting, reporting

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Finance Transformation 101: A Guide To The Modern Finance Department

Erick De La Fuente . June 26, 2019

Finance isn’t what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. While it’s always been an indispensable component of a financially sound enterprise, leadership now looks to finance for its unique perspective and skill set for strategy and development...

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Tagged: finance, finance transformation

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Internal Audit Best Practices for a Successful RPA Initiative

Erick De La Fuente . June 20, 2019

Embark understands the plight of Internal Audit (IA). Tasked with keeping organizations on the straight and narrow without impeding growth and innovation, IA is an imminently important component of any enterprise, particularly when a company...

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Tagged: internal audit, Robotic Process Automation, finance transformation

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Cyber Risk Management in CRE Balances Risk and Reward

Erick De La Fuente . February 12, 2019

Every organization needs to constantly weigh growth versus risk, trying to find the ideal balance to make everyone happy. Granted, in a dynamic environment such as commercial real estate, there’s rarely, if ever, a single solution that can...

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Tagged: real estate, cybersecurity

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3 Technologies To Utilize In Real Estate Finance & Accounting

Erick De La Fuente . February 07, 2019

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is making strides to join other sectors that thrive on innovation. At its heart, CRE strives to be a digitized, efficient marvel that feasts on bigger and better servings of data-rich meals, particularly...

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Tagged: real estate, digital transformation

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5 Transformative Areas to Prioritize in Real Estate Accounting

Erick De La Fuente . December 20, 2018

Real estate might be as old as commerce itself but that shouldn't cause you to think it’s static and stodgy like that old and tattered Dickens novel sitting on your bookshelf. In fact, just the briefest of looks at the intricate, layered, and...

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Tagged: real estate

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Cybersecurity for Accounting & Finance Leaders

Erick De La Fuente . December 06, 2018

We’ve spoken about cybersecurity as it relates to internal auditors, how they play a critical role in preserving data and system integrity and are a vital yet single component of a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. Embark now feels it’s as...

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Tagged: cybersecurity

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The Implications of RPA Across The Entire Enterprise

Erick De La Fuente . December 04, 2018

Change doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience when you have an expert to lead the way. Enterprises now have technologies available to help them effectively address the changes driven by an ever-evolving landscape, particularly with respect to...

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Tagged: Robotic Process Automation

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