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Every once in a while, you run into something that is entirely recognizable but, due to its uniqueness, difficult to categorize. The fancy folk call it “je ne sais quoi” but, here at Embark, we just like to revel in it – however you choose to define “it.”


Although, as our ubiquitous disclaimers state, Embark is not a CPA firm, we still possess undeniable expertise throughout many aspects of the accounting and finance space. Likewise, while we’re not an interim CFO – and definitely not a temp agency – we can still indeed provide outstanding CFO continuity when needed, at least for particularly sized companies.

That brings us to the topic du jour – the many labels that Embark inhabits and the seamless continuity such varied expertise can provide an organization. Of course, the need for continuity can stem from any number of forces and factors – both positive and negative – that we at Embark call catalysts. Maybe growth is outpacing the collective resources of your current workforce and you need skilled, reliable insight to help shore up the gaps while searching for permanent solutions. Alternatively, perhaps you’re in-between CFOs and need someone with vast knowledge and a specific perspective to fill the role until you find the ideal candidate.

Like we said, catalysts can be good or bad but, no matter their nature, create the need for continuity solutions for an enterprise to continue running efficiently. That, our friends, is the space that Embark is so uniquely capable of filling. We add value through streamlined operations, providing critical continuity in a variety of positions and capacities so you can concentrate on finding permanent solutions and continue growing your company.

Therefore, a discussion of what Embark does, what value we add to the equation, and the continuity we can provide seemed well in order. Coupled with an insightful infographic that both highlights our particular strengths and areas of expertise, the next few minutes of your time should convince you that you’ll never have to worry about continuity issues in your accounting and finance departments again. You're welcome.


So What Exactly Is Embark?

As our new infographic spells out, Embark – for the most part – thrives in the meaty section of an organization commonly held by CFOs, controllers, directors, and senior level management. Equal parts financial MacGyvers and ninth-inning closers, we’re the people you want on the front lines when there’s a catalyst at hand that’s causing stress and pressure to your accounting department, when continuity is craved and consistency expected.

Once again, maybe that catalyst is a looming IPO or a first audit, a newly acquired company, or a period of hypergrowth. Whatever the case, when a financial catalyst calls, we’ll be there. In that light, think of Embark as somewhere between a group of financial Tom Joad’s and business ninjas, equally adept at strategizing an efficient, effective course of action while also more than happy to roll up our sleeves and dig into the task at hand.

Our team is, by design, devoid of on-campus hires. Instead, we’re comprised of ex-Big 4 CPAs that have experience, expertise, and have been around the financial block more than a few times – and possess the vast public accounting knowledge to prove it. From Associate to Senior Director and all points between, Embark employees – without a contractor or temp as far as the eye can see – have anywhere from 2 to 16 years of industry experience, all of which help us precisely control the quality and continuity of our engagements.

Need staff augmentation help?

Embark doesn’t need fancy titles, glistening name placards on the door, or the primo parking spot equidistant between the elevator and the coffee bar. We’re here to work, add value to your business, provide much-needed continuity, and improve your processes. Basically, our mission is to get accounting dirt beneath our fingernails.


An Infographic Says a Thousand Words

Anyway, enough of that. You get the idea by now. Embark is different. Special. Unique. As our new infographic shows, Embark generates value through strategic opportunities and cost efficiencies, continuity when a catalyst throws a slider. We help business leaders identify and implement solutions to enhance the accounting and finance functions in several critical roles. In other words, we get things done, and we’re darn good at it.



Yes, we provide CFO continuity for sub $500 million companies. Let’s say you hired a new CFO, but they quit shortly thereafter. Embark can be your financial cavalry, doing cleanup and sitting in the CFO role in a limited capacity to give you, the company, the gift of time. Knowing Embark has everything handled on the CFO side of the fence, you can take your time and find the ideal CFO for your organization, making sure similar circumstances don't rear their ugly head in the future.

Likewise, if a recently PE-acquired company and old CFO part ways, and the PE firm isn’t sure if they want to use a controller or a new, true CFO in the position, Embark can – once again – provide them the benefit of time until they decide their best move. Of course, we also thrive in helping create and drive strategic accounting decisions around a variety of factors, including system implementation, acquisition – documentation, due diligence, quality of earnings – digital finance, automation, and others. We’re not a one-trick CFO pony.



While the explanation is straightforward, a simple description shouldn’t be confused with a lack of importance. In a partnership or in place of a CAO or controller, Embark can effectively handle financial reporting, general ledger cleanup, acquisitions, transactions, leases, revenue recognition, and controls.

Download eBook: Quick Guide to Changes in Rev Rec ASC 606


Senior Accountant/Manager

Companies need brawlers, the sort of person that can come in and effectively handle mountains of technical accounting at a detailed level with just a pinch of supervision for a sense of direction. As you might have guessed, Embark has Senior Accountants and Managers that can swiftly fill such a role, making certain the accounting responsibilities stay on track and are performed with the utmost care and quality.


Accounts Payable/Receivable, Bookkeeper

Yeah, not so much. While we can absolutely knock it out of the park for limited AP/AR and bookkeeping continuity, it’s not what we hang our proverbial hat on. For example, in the case of a pre-private equity O&G sell-off, Embark can keep the accounting and financials neat and tidy before the sale.


We understand that Embark is hard to define but that, of course, isn’t a bad thing. It simply means we’re different, we’re better, and ready to add value to your business and seamless continuity in whatever ways we can. Simply put, Embark makes a positive difference to your business, makes certain everything remains smooth in the face of change – whether that change is good or bad – and now seems as good a time as any to find out how.

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