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Meet Trey Lewis, Embark’s New Houston Market President

Excitement is transformative. And contagious. It’s that convergence between justifiable hope and unbridled enthusiasm that can put a bounce in even the heaviest of steps. And if you happen to be within a mile or two of Embark’s Houston office these days, you’re going to feel that excitement radiating like a solar flare. So consider yourself warned.

But what, exactly, is making us so giddy about the goings-on in H-Town, you ask? Well, it’s not a what but a who, and that who is Trey Lewis, Embark’s new Houston Market President. So join us as we introduce Trey, the compelling perspective he brings to our burgeoning Houston presence, and what our collective future looks like in the land of Astros, energy, and the best Tex-Mex you’ll ever find.


A Background Made For Houston

Trey comes to Embark with a different background and skill set than a typical Market President in financial advisory services, and we couldn’t be happier to type that statement. Rather than the Big 4 experience that’s usually our bread-and-butter, Trey spent the last 14 years as a corporate banker, helping oil and gas clients navigate an increasingly dynamic marketplace. Obviously, that focus lends itself particularly well to Houston and its immense energy sector.

Being born and raised in Space City only adds to the unbreakable connection he feels toward the city and community. In fact, other than a jaunt up to Austin for a bachelor’s in Finance from UT, followed by three years in Washington, DC for a JD from Georgetown Law, Houston has always been his home. And if you ask Trey about it, he’ll quickly tell you he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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After law school, Trey came back to Houston and jumped into banking, pouncing on the opportunity to immerse himself in the energy industry.  Beginning with a large European bank, then a stint at a Texas-based regional bank, and ultimately spending the last seven years with JP Morgan, Trey has spent his career working with upstream O&G companies as a trusted advisor.    

Still, if we were to distill Trey’s experience and skill set into a single word, it would be relationships. Although he spent most of each day focused on corporate finance and reserve-based lending, his most significant impact was serving his clients by helping them optimize their balance sheet and access the right capital to enable their businesses to flourish. Working with public E&P companies as well as private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies, Trey has experienced the full lifecycle of these businesses, from start to finish, through boom and bust.

Along the way, he got to understand the energy sector from virtually every angle. Needless to say, such a thorough perspective of the dynamic, constantly evolving oil and gas industry is a distinct advantage for our Houston office, and we feel incredibly fortunate to now call Trey an Embarker.


From Industry to Consulting

We understand that, to some, Trey’s move from an established banking career to a rapidly growing but patently non-Big 4 consulting firm might be a bit of a head-scratcher. After all, for the uninitiated, Embark probably sounds like a boutique line of grass-fed, non-GMO pet food.

However, given the increasingly bright spotlight we’ve commanded in the last few years – not to mention the recent expansion of our already robust footprint into Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Tampa – there’s an unmistakable buzz around Embark that obviously appealed to Trey.

And while his background doesn’t precisely fall into our accounting wheelhouse, Trey’s experience and skillset make nothing but complete sense for Houston and our ever-growing roster of energy sector clients, right alongside the city’s other thriving industries.

Beyond the obvious, though, Trey sees where Embark is heading, the massive inroads all of our service lines are making, and the tremendous value we bring to our clients across the spectrum of industries, O&G naturally included.

Ultimately, Trey’s move to Embark isn’t about leaving a sector and role that he thoroughly enjoyed. Instead, it’s about the opportunity to join a firm that’s truly unique in the way it looks at its people, its clients, and the road ahead.

People, Culture, & Leadership: What Makes Embark Different

Because for all of the amazing growth we’ve seen recently, it’s not growth for growth’s sake. It’s all part of a plan that started over a decade ago, one that looks at a typically stodgy industry differently, injects personality into it, and combines absolute expertise with a people-centric culture and vision.

At this point, we have miles of proof-of-concept to keep propelling us forward, testimony to the market’s obvious appreciation for our approach to financial advisory services. And we’re still just getting started.


Embark’s Future in Houston

We don’t mean to imply, of course, that Trey is at it alone. He’s joining a team of amazing Embarkers in Houston that, together, will undoubtedly tap into the accounting and finance needs of businesses throughout America’s fourth-largest city.

Sure, the energy sector will play a vital role in our plans, but Houston is far from a one-industry town. Healthcare, retail, real estate, manufacturing, and an emerging tech scene will also be pivotal in our growth, all industries that are particular strengths for our firm.

Therefore, when we look at our success in similar markets like Dallas and Oklahoma – energy-focused but still highly diverse – we can’t help but daydream a bit on what Embark’s future will look like in Houston.

To be honest, with a person like Trey leading our already impressive team of Embarkers down in Southeast Texas, we have no doubt our Houston office is on the brink of some pretty spectacular things.

Sure, it won’t always be easy, and some days will be harder than others, but that’s okay.

With equal parts patience and Embark’s special sauce, it’s just a matter of time until companies across H-Town start putting Embark at the front of their mental Rolodex, making us their go-to problem solvers and value creators for all things accounting and finance.