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Key Questions CFOs Should Ask in the Wake of COVID-19

Accounting for SBA Loans Under the CARES Act’s PPP

Cultivating Employee Engagement Across a Remote Workforce

4 Challenges & Tips for a Financial Close With Remote Workers

COVID-19: Accounting for Debt Refinancing & Restructuring

COVID-19’s Impact on Q1 Reporting & Financial Closing

The Accounting & Finance Roadmap For Distressed Companies

CARES Act SBA Loans: How Accounting & Finance Can Prepare

Purchase Accounting: Adjustments & Accounting for M&As

COVID-19, Lease Accounting, & the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Goodwill Impairment Testing Guide, Examples, & Accounting Tips

Accounting for Cloud Computing Arrangements Under New Guidance

Accounting Impacts of the Coronavirus

Everything You Need to Know About SOX Compliance Testing

Key Filing Deadlines & Best Practices for Public Companies

Public Company Financial Reporting & Disclosure Requirements

Meet David McGuire, Embark's new Strategic Accounts Practice Leader

Assembling the Teams & Advisors You Need When Preparing for an IPO

Embark Partners With TrueSpace to Help Companies Reach Mid-Market Glory

SPACs: What's a Special Purpose Acquisition Company?

What Are Pro Forma Financial Statements? Examples & How to Create Them

Why You Need to Keep an Open Dialogue & Ongoing Relationship with a Consulting Firm

The Ultimate Guide to Pro Forma Financial Statements

What is SOX Compliance? Requirements, Controls, Audits, & More

The Most Common Lease Accounting Pain Points Under ASC 842

Quality of Earnings Template & Best Practices Needed For M&As & Other Transactions

The Fixed Asset Roll Forward Template & Guidance To Keep Your Balance Sheet Pristine

Sell-Side Due Diligence Report Checklist and Guide for M&A and Other Transactions

Cash Flow Worksheet Template, Basics, & Best Practices

Accounting Timeline After Private Equity/Venture Capital Funding (3, 9, and 12 months out)

Lending Embark’s Secret Sauce to the Professional Services Industry

The CFO’s Roadmap To Finance Transformation

The Open Items Template and Insights For Project Management Bliss

Robert Grisaffe, New Market President for Our Oklahoma Office, Is Ready to Lead the Embark Charge

Embark's New Oklahoma Office Strengthens Its Focus on the Energy Industry & Beyond

What Are The Fees & Hourly Rates Of Accounting Consulting Firms?

Embark's Third Thursday Tradition Helps Drive Our Culture

Kate Hall, Embark’s New VP of Business Development in Dallas, Connects the Dots for DFW Companies

Drew Speakes, Senior Director for Embark’s New Oklahoma Office, Will Help Us Forge New Paths

Embark Is the Workiva Americas Regional Partner of the Year

Making the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies Again Only Adds Fuel to Embark’s Fire

Meet Jeremiah Marshall, Embark's New SVP of Business Development in Dallas & Born Embarker

The 1st Annual Embark Matches Was a Birdie For the Oil and Gas Industry at Bandon Dunes

Defining, Accounting, & Reporting For Discontinued Operations

10 Questions Your Accounting Team Must Answer To Survive Hypergrowth

Understanding the Differences Between Consolidated and Combined Financial Statements

Your First SEC Filing: Get to Know the S-1

5 Sessions We’ll Be Attending at the 2019 Workiva Amplify Conference

Perfect Your Financial Closing with a Post-Close Review

FASB Pumps the Brakes on the Lease Accounting Deadline for Private Companies

General Ledger Clean-Up: Identify and Fix Your GL Problems

Brady Minyard, Embark's New Austin Market President, Embraces the City's Innovative Spirit

10 Reasons Your Financial Reporting Is Too Slow Or Inaccurate

The Ultimate Account Reconciliation Template and Best Practices

6 Solutions To Improve and Simplify Your Reporting & Data Flow

7 Essential Questions To Ask During Rapid Business Growth

Our Accounts Receivable Template and Tips Will Help Fuel Growth

Finance Transformation 101: A Guide To The Modern Finance Department

Internal Audit Best Practices for a Successful RPA Initiative

A Useful Template and Best Practices for Accounts Payable

IPO Readiness: Accounting Challenges You May Face When Going Public

Embark Invests In the Future Through the Dallas Mayor’s Fellow Intern Program

Embark’s Great Place to Work Certification Validates and Inspires Our Vision

Embark Makes Name For Itself During First Year in Denver

11 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Financial Audit

Embark Makes It Two Years in a Row With Inc.’s Best Workplaces for 2019

Providing Financial Reporting For Private Equity/Venture Capital

Stay on the Good Side of Risk With The ASC 815 Hedge Accounting Update

George Helock Brings Mile High Experience and Skillset to Embark’s Denver Team

How Did Rev Rec & Leases Implementations Go In 2018?

Embark’s New Dallas Market President, Chad Robottom, Personifies Our Ideals And Ambitions

Comparing The Best Stock Compensation Software Solutions

How to Choose the Right Stock Comp Accounting Software

Best Practices for Choosing & Maintaining a Stock Comp Plan

How to Convert Cash Accounting to GAAP Accounting

Embark Uses Lattice to Optimize Engagement, Culture, and Productivity

Equity Accounting Transaction Considerations and Other Complexities

Embark Improves Every Stage of the Employee Experience With Donut

5 Things to Think About For Your Upcoming Financial Transaction

3 Strategies To Help You Through High-Growth

Accounting Month-End Close Checklist and Best Practices

Embarkers on Why the Dallas Business Journal Chose Paul for Its Network 200

Lease Classification with Multiple Lease Components

The Differences Between an AICPA Audit and PCAOB Audit

Preparing For The Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

Critical Audit Matters and The Impact on PCAOB Audit Opinion

Why PCAOB’s Critical Audit Matters… Matter

Cyber Risk Management in CRE Balances Risk and Reward

3 Technologies To Utilize In Real Estate Finance & Accounting

New ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standards, Debt Covenants, and You

Preparing For Your First AICPA Audit

How Employee Recognition Boosts Embark's Culture

ASC 606 Considerations for Construction Entities

Embark’s Insight on ASC 842 and Operating vs. Capital Leases

SEC Filing on Time Without Stress and All Nighters

5 Struggles To Overcome Around Year-End Financial Reporting

5 Transformative Areas to Prioritize in Real Estate Accounting

A Sound Real Estate Valuation Requires an Eye for Detail

People, Culture, & Leadership: What Makes Embark Different

Revenue Recognition Best Practices for SaaS Companies

Cybersecurity for Accounting & Finance Leaders

The Implications of RPA Across The Entire Enterprise

Pre-M&A Tips for Healthcare Valuations

PCAOB Released A Draft Of Their 5-Year Strategic Plan

What To Look For In Lease Accounting Software

ASC 842 Lease Classification Template For Lessees

Overcoming Lease Accounting Hurdles With Technology

Enterprises Should Be Vigilant Over Data Security

Technology Leads the Way With the New Lease Accounting Guidance

Due Diligence for M&A's Isn’t Glamorous but Oh So Important

FASB Change to Ease Transition for New Lease Standard

Free One-Day RPA Assessment

2018 Denver Startup Week Debrief

Internal Auditors Will Walk a Blockchain-Paved Road

Embark’s Denver Team Is Already Growing

RPA Use Cases in Telecom, Banking, & Financial Services

5 Benefits of RPA to CFOs & Finance Departments

Accounting Tips For Companies Looking to Move to Colorado

Effective Internal Audit Procedures Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

How Embark Provides Business Continuity For the Accounting Function

The Importance of Data Analytics for the Internal Audit

13-Week Cash Flow Forecast Model Template & Best Practices

New Debt Agreements (and a Debt Rollforward Schedule Template)

How Embark Made the Inc 5000 List for Fastest Growing Companies

Why Culture Index Is So Important To Embark

4 Sessions At The 2018 Workiva User Conference To Check Out

Pre-IPO Checklist for Emerging Growth Companies

The Roadmap to Implementing SOX Compliance

Embark Expands Into Austin: A Perfect Fit If There Ever Was One

What You Need to Know About the Updates in ASC 805 (Business Combinations)

Best Practices for an RPA Deployment and Delivery

Methods for a Summary of Misstatements: Iron Curtain vs. Rollover Approach

Embark Earns a Spot in Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2018

A Lessor’s Quick Guide to the New Lease Standard ASC 842

PE-backed O&G Companies: Think Twice Before Hiring a Fleet of Accountants

How to Select an RPA Software Vendor

Biz Dev Strategies for Middle Managers & New Hires

Accounting To-do List After Getting Private Equity Funding

Technical Accounting Subjects to Know for an Acquisition

RPA: Business Leaders Embrace Their Robotic Colleagues

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Template

How Accounting Should Support an Acquisition or Merger

Financial Advisory Consulting Firm Set to Disrupt in Denver

Real Estate and ASC 606: New Rev Rec Standards

Building Out Your Oil & Gas Accounting Function

Audit Debrief: How to Improve For Next Year's Audit

Intentional Relationships: Guide to Biz Dev for Audit Partners and Senior Managers

What is RPA and Is It Going to Take My Accounting Job?

Choosing an Oil & Gas Industry-Specific Accounting Software

A Lessee’s Quick Guide to the New Lease Standard ASC 842

Navigating Oil and Gas Acquisitions (Operated & Non-Operated)

When to Leverage an Outsourced Accounting Group

Accounting Tips for Companies Relocating to Texas

3 Tips to Speed Up Your Accounting Monthly Close

How to Ensure Continuity After Employee Turnover

Best Practices for Accounting System Implementations

What are the Building Blocks of Embark’s Culture?

Making the Auditor's Jobs Easier and Limiting Audit Fees

Commercial Bankers Benefit from Trusted Accounting Partner

Retaining Your Accounting Team Through and After A Deadline Push

New Lease Standard: Differences Between IFRS 16 and ASC 842

5 Signs Your Internal Audit Needs Help

6 Ways to Improve the Internal Audit Department

Going Public: The Pre-IPO Timeline

5 Signs Your Client Has Poor Control Environments

How to Prepare for a Successful Financial Audit

Methods for Outsourcing an Internal Audit

Rescuing a CFO and Giving Auditors Peace of Mind

ASC 606 Rev Rec Standard Impacts Life Sciences Industry

ASC 606 Rev Rec Standard Impacts Manufacturing Industry

Qualifying for the JOBS Act: What Are the Advantages?

CAOs Prepare for IPO Two Years in Advance

The Impact of IPO Effective Dates

Crafting a Culture Cocktail: How Embark is Mixing Up the Financial Consulting Industry

Methods of Implementing ASC 606: Big-4, Boutique Consulting, or Internal [infographic]

Choose an ASC 606 Adoption Method: Modified or Full Retrospective

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Timeline [Infographic]

Takeaways & Trends From 2017 Workiva TEC Conference

Embark Clients Using Workiva Tools to Win Big

New Revenue Recognition Standard Impacts Oil & Gas Industry

Comparing the Best SOX Compliance Platforms

Which SEC Filing Software Is Right for You?

The Quick Guide to Changes in Revenue Recognition ASC 606

Best & Brightest From The Accounting World Gather at Workiva TEC

Urgent Revenue Recognition Standard Changes

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